Monday, November 30, 2009

Things I've sewn & quilted

So I just posted about a fabric giveaway from the Sweet Home Quilt Co. and I started thinking about all the things that I've sewn or quilted over the past several years... anyhow I remembered that I have a few pictures on my computer so I thought that I would share them, that is if I can figure out how to post pictures with my text.

This is an autumn wall hanging, I bought a quilting magazine just for this one pattern, and I had a great time making it... I, of course, put my own touches on it by using different colors for the leave stems & not adding the suggested buttons on the flower centers.

This little flag is from a book called (I think) Fat Quarter Friendly.  It was a pattern that I looked at every time I opened the pattern book, and finally I felt brave enough to try making it.  I didn't quilt the stripes in wavy lines as the pattern suggests because I like to "stitch in the ditch" but otherwise I made this quilt exactly.

This is a pic of my oldest son Joseph, but the orange fleece jacket is what I made.  One year for Halloween, both my older boys decided they wanted to be "Deer Hunters;"  so I made each of them an orange fleece hooded zip-front jacket using the Children's Kwik Sew pattern book.  They wore those jackets everywhere for a year or longer afterwards.

This is a darling little dress that I made for a friend's daughter.  I figured that if I wasn't going to get a daughter at that point in time, then I would just fulfill my baby-girl-dress-making craving by sewing for another baby girl.  Many thanks to Shane & Cammy Winder for letting me use their daughter Alana (sp?) as the recipient of my sewing.  ;)

This is my son Taw in the blessing outfit I made for my 2nd son Cole, a miniature satin Tuxedo.  As you can see, it kind of drowns him and he's not any too happy about wearing it.  When Cole wore it, I had to skip putting fastenings and pinned him into the top; I think that Cole was about 11-12 lbs. when he wore it, and Taw couldn't have been more than 8 lbs. on this day.  Below are pics of the outfit I made for Taw, his Blessing Outfit is completely white, and Cole's has pale blue lapels & a matching stripe down the outside of the pants.


Taw's Blessing Tuxedo is also different from Cole's in that the jacket has buttons on the front and the shirt part has buttons sewn in the lace, and the pants have a white satin ribbon sewn down the outside (I think).  I made one almost identical to Taw's (but without the buttons) for my neice's son, he is 3 days younger than Taw.
I've been thinking about trying to sell some of these; I've gotten really good at making these lovely little suits; any takers?


Andrea said...

And we loved the little tux! Thanks again. :) I've been making bows and flowers and all kinds of girly goodies for my friend's little girls to fill my girly fix too. Thank goodness people are willing to let their kids be out guinea pigs! ;)

Brian and chelsea said...

You are amazing! A lot of homemade clothes don't look that great... yours are just amazing! It must be such a money-saver to have talent like yours.