Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Taking a break today...

For the last 3 days I have been working in or cleaning up mice droppings.  Both all day on Saturday and on Monday, I have been working hard to get my house cleaned and all the mice droppings I can find vacuumed up so we a) don't smell them anymore and b) so the mice don't feel the need to come back to frequent that area.  I didn't know that if you just sweep or vacuum up the mice droppings but don't wash or mop the area, then mice will come back to that area.  So I have been scrubbing with bleach water the floor behind my stove, all the drawers in my kitchen & dining area, and all over my utility room -- I realize that this doesn't sound like much, but I have also been cleaning the contents of the drawers too.  Lots of vacuuming, sneezing, moping, scrubbing, sneezing, coughing, verbally & mentally cursing those smelly little beasts, well you get the picture.  Now I did say I've been working in this crap for 3 days, so on Sunday...
I realize that most of us don't usually do much cleaning on Sundays but we skipped church to "get the ox out of the mire" -- or in other words, SERVICE: we were helping Jackson's sister clean out her storage units. 
Why you might ask? Because Jackson's brother-in-law hasn't been working for several weeks and they can't afford to keep paying $400/month to store every toy and piece of clothing their kids wore & played with, not to mention the 100+ boxes of books & magazines that will never be read again; did I tell ya about the 2 pallets of 6 gallon buckets full of food storage they're hanging onto until they really need them (no time like the present I think, but I guess they are waiting for the Millenium to come before they use any of it.  [I see food storage as something you acquire and then you use it as you need it -- I tend to use most of mine in the winter, but this economy would be a good reason to use it if you or your spouse's income has been reduced or eliminated.  I'll probably post about food storage another time, it's one of my peeves.]

So after having had showers every night for the past 3, and no I don't usually shower every day just because my skin becomes so dry, and then waking the next morning being so badly congested that I feel like a walking kleenex box with all the tissues hanging out of my pockets just so I can blow my nose at any given moment.

Tomorrow... well it'll be back to the smelly mess.  I probably will spend some time today vacuuming my floors and around the furniture in my living room.  I also need to re-arrange my family/toy/woodstove room to accomodate the kindling box, woodbox & coal buckets, plus my hubby's stationary bike (a worthless item in our house).

=) Gayle

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