Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Did you know...? The continuing mouse saga

Did you know that mice naturally avoid mint? I have been putting peppermint oil on cotton balls in my drawers, and have been thinking about buying some seeds to grow fresh mint.
I've got to remember to buy some peppermint oil this week after payday.  I found this great website [Save On Scents] where you can buy bulk essential oils for a relatively small price.  Peppermint oil is about $20 for 16 oz, now that's my kind of pricing, especially since my small bottle of peppermint oil emptied while I was working on the first set of drawers, in the kitchen.

You might wonder why this subject is on my mind just now, well a few mintes ago I turned from my kitchen to step into the dining area to grab my book and nearly stepped on a mouse.  As I was on my way to go change Taw's diaper, I quickly dropped an empty dirty food container on it, then slid a folded sheet of paper under it, and scooped up  the whole thing; it is waiting for me in the boys' bathroom while I decide what I'm going to do with it (probably drown it like I did with mouse #2).

Anyhow, I just realized that while I have no more peppermint oil [for now], I do have this powerful-smelling peppermint foot lotion, so I think that I will pull out the stove & squirt some next to the small electrical box where I found the beginnings of a hole yesterday during my cleaning.  Then, well, I'll go deal with the mouse.

Mice: 0, Mom: 3

=) Gayle

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Brian and chelsea said...

eewwwwww... hate mice. GO GET 'EM!